North American Journal of Finance and Banking Research

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    The North American Journal of Finance and Banking Research (NAJFBR) is an annual, peer-reviewed research journal that provides a publication outlet for practical and theoretical issues related to North American finance and banking issues such as developments in the financial markets, depository and non- depository financial institutions, stock valuations and market efficiency, capital budgeting, risk and return; challenges in financial planning, forecasting, challenges in corporate financial evaluations, cash flows, exchange rate problems in international business and foreign investments etc. all against the background of economic developments and regulatory issues. This journal is interested in country or industry specific issues that relate to finance and banking. The financial examination of the US ailing airline industry, the financial implications of NAFTA for the US, Mexico or Canada are among researchable topics that will be accommodated by this journal. The NAJFBR attempts to encourage scholars, academicians and professionals to engage more in North American-related research and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.s


    All manuscripts received that are within the scope of our journals are sent to a reviewer in a blind peer review process. The reviewer's feedback is evaluated by Editor-in-Chief who decides whether to accept, reject the paper or authorize a rewrite and resubmission of the manuscript by the author(s).


    Submitting authors have the responsibilities of using their education experience and background in ensuring their manuscripts are of high academic ethical standard.

    1. Accuracy
    All information contained in the manuscript must be accurate with elaborate disclosure of all sources of data and information.
    2. Data
    Manuscripts written with illegally obtained data will not be accepted. So author(s) must certify that data used was legally obtained.
    3. Submission
    The submission must abide with all journal submission guideline.
    5. Paper authorship
    Only authors, who have made significant contribution to originating the research design, review of literature data collection and analysis/interpretation and research execution should be listed as co-authors. The lead author must ensure that all such authors have seen and agreed to the submitted version of the manuscript and the inclusion of their names as co-authors. Non-author contributors must be acknowledged in the acknowledgment section of the manuscript.
    6. Availability and Retention of Data
    Data used in the analysis and interpretation of results must be provided for editorial review and retained by the author.
    7. Errors Reporting in Published Articles
    Any error discovered by the author(s), either during editorial or after publication of the manuscript must be reported to the Editor-in-Chief.
    8. Disclosure
    Any financial support or conflict of interest must be disclosed.
    9. Legality of research undertaken
    Authors must ensure that they have conducted the research in compliance with all laws, university policies and professional responsibilities. Where no laws exist regarding the research, the author(s) should comply by the Helsinki Declaration as revised in 2008.
    10. Copy right
    The author (s) must obtain copy right clearance for all copyrighted or proprietary materials included in the article and submit to the Editor-in-Chief. This is in addition to the appropriate acknowledgement for using such materials
    Views, opinions and findings expressed and any acts of impropriety in the manuscript belong to the author(s) and therefore are responsible for any errors therein. Author(s) are responsible for the accuracy of all the content of the manuscript. Authors agree to hold the journal, its affiliates, subsidiaries and parent company, agents, employees, directors, editors, reviewers and other affiliated parties harmless and, agree to defend all of the above for any action for damages, from third party liability which might arise as a result of the manuscript and its publication.
    Upon acceptance of an article for journal publication, Authors must sign a document transmitting copyright to the Global Business Investments and Publications LLC after the manuscript has been accepted for publication and confirming the authors and manuscript are in compliance with these ethics and malpractice guidelines


    1. Expertise
    The reviewer must have fair an expertise in the field.
    2. Confidentiality
    The reviewer must not disclose the author's and all information contained in the manuscripts must be treated as privileged information.
    3. Objectivity
    The reviewer must review manuscripts objectively and clearly document their views with sound supporting arguments. If for any reason, the reviewer cannot objectively evaluate the manuscript, he must inform the Editor-in-Chief of this and excuse himself from the review.
    4. Acknowledgment of Sources
    Manuscript reviewers must ensure that authors have acknowledged all sources of data used in the research.
    5. Handling of possible plagiarism
    The reviewer must bring to the attention of the Editor-in-Chief any observed similarity between the manuscripts under review and any other published paper.
    6. Promptness
    All reviewers are expected to report back to the Editor in a timely manner. The reviewer must inform the Editor-in-Chief if for any reason, he is unable to complete the review in the stipulated time.


    Maintaining the integrity of the literature published in the journals is the responsibility of the Editor-in-Chief. To this end the Editor-in-Chief is responsible for correcting errors or observations of significance, issuing retraction where necessary and addressing concerns from members of the Editorial Board.

    The Editor-in-Chief and Editors must ensure fairness, timeliness, thoroughness, and civility of the peer-review/editorial process and working with the Publisher to ensure the attraction of the best manuscripts and research that will be of interest to readers.

    The Editor-in-Chief is entitled to carry out decision-making in consultation with reviewers or member. He/she will make such decisions regarding accepting papers, rejecting papers or authorizing the author(s) to re-write the manuscript and resubmit.

    The Editor-in-Chief must submit articles to electronic services to verify originality.

    The Editor-in-Chief and Editors shall evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard to the nature of the author's race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, citizenship, or political party.

    The Editor-in-Chief must maintain impartiality confidentiality of the author(s) and all information submitted and must not personally use any materials submitted for personal use without the express permission of the Author(s).

    Any editor and reviewers and staff that have a passion for the objectives of our journals and have outstanding research and publications record may submit articles to the journals on the understanding that their submissions will be reviewed by independent reviewers, not connected to them, and they will make no contribution to the decisions to accept, reject or to re-write and resubmit the manuscript. The Editor-in-Chief and Editor must ensure that this system prevails. Should the editor-in-chief submit an article for review then he or she must surrender overseeing the review process for that paper the decision to reject/accept or resubmit to another editor.


    Original manuscripts are invited from researchers, academicians, bureaucrats and professionals for publication consideration. Each manuscript must include a 200- word abstract. The first page of the manuscript should contain the paper title, authors name, affiliation, email address, the 200-word abstract and the JEC Codes. The manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft word to

    In the subject line of your e-mail please write "AJAFBR submission"
    1. Carefully read Duties of Authors
    2. Articles are accepted only in Micro Soft Word format.
    3. Contributors should adhere to the format of the journal.
    4. All correspondence should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief at:
    5. There is a $100 USD non- refundable submission fee. There is also a non- refundable resubmission fee of $50 USD where necessary.
    6. Publication fee for each accepted article is $100 USD for sole authors, and $50 USD per co-author in the case of multiple contributors. Publication fees are not refundable.
      Authors submitting manuscripts from low-income countries can submit an application for discounted submission and publication fees.
    7. Submission and publication fees should be in the form of US bank checks or money orders or international bank checks or money orders and mailed Managing Editor, Global Business, Investments and Publications, 233 Mulberry Road, Mansfield Center, CT 06250, USA.

      Payments in international bank checks or money orders should include 10 USD for bank clearing fees.


    1. Articles must be no longer than 15 pages (all inclusive), double spacing. Manuscripts should contain a 200- word abstract. The manuscript must be clearly written without any spelling or grammatical errors.
    2. Manuscripts should be double spaced, Book Antiqua font, 12point with 3.5cm margin on all four sides and use Microsoft word.
    3. All tables and figures should be incorporated into the body of the paper. All tables must be appropriately named and titled and source clearly indicated. The author(s) can write three sentences in Book Antiqua font 10 point to explain key information about the figure.
    4. The first page of the manuscript should contain the paper title, author(s) name(s), affiliation(s), author(s)' academic degrees, professional titles, postal email address(es), the 200-word abstract and the JEC Codes.
    5. The manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft word to
    6. Carefully read Duties of Authors
    7. Contributors should adhere to the format of the journal. Contributors should adhere to the format of the journal. Click here for a sample format.