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Members of Editorial Advisory Board 

  • Dr. Seyed M. Mehdian, University of Michigan-Flint, USA
  • Dr.Ovidiu Stoica, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
  • Olena Etokova PhD., Wisconsin International University (USA), Ukraine
  • Emmanuel Anoruo PhD., Coppin State University, USA
  • Seyed Mehdian PhD., University of Michigan Flint, USA
  • Jill Wetmore PhD., Saginaw Valley State University, USA
  • Richard Ajayi PhD., University of Central Florida, USA
  • Weiping Liu PhD., Eastern Connecticut State University, USA
  • Carmen Lozano PhD., Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena, Spain
  • John Malindretos PhD., Yeshiva University, USA
  • John Stephens DBA., University of Michigan-Flint, USA


About the Journal


European Journal of Finance and Banking Research (EJFBR) is an annual, peer-reviewed research journal that provides a publication outlet for practical and theoretical issues related to the European region in the areas of finance and banking issues such as developments in the financial markets, depository and non depository financial institutions, stock valuations and market efficiency, capital budgeting, risk and return, challenges in financial planning, forecasting, challenges in corporate financial evaluations, cash flows, exchange rate problems in international business and foreign investments all against the background of economic developments and regulatory issues (country specific, regional and global). This journal is interested in country or industry specific issues that relate to finance and banking. The performance of financial markets in emerging European economies, the impact of the introduction of the euro and other regulatory changes on stock market performance and FDI flows are among researchable topics that will be accommodated by this journal. The EJFBR attempts to encourage scholars, academicians and professionals to engage more in global research especially in European-related research and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas. While the management of this journal expects well researched and written articles to be submitted for review, no article will be rejected on the grounds of technicality as long as authors are willing to work with editors. The journal welcomes manuscript submissions from scholars everywhere. Each manuscript is normally double peer reviewed and must not have been previously accepted for publication or review elsewhere. The Editor-In-Chief relies upon the evaluation reports provided by the reviewers, the originality and relevance of the ideas addressed in the article and the possible contribution to the European development, in deciding whether to accept the manuscript for publication. Re-examination of issues already discussed in finance literature is accepted especially if it involves significant update of prior documented discourse. The stance of this journal on this is based on the observed constant changing nature of the present global economy and most importantly on the fact that developments in the areas of banking and finance have never been static. This journal publishes both empirical and conceptual research


Researchers, graduate students, and bureaucrats, practitioners and all interested in Europe.

Manuscripts are invited from researchers, academicians, bureaucrats and professionals for publication consideration. Each manuscript must include a 200 word abstract. Authors should list their contact information on a separate paper. Electronic submissions in MS-Word or PDF are acceptable. The journal publishes both empirical and conceptual research. Articles for consideration are to be directed through "Submissions". In the subject line of your e-mail please write "EJFBR submission"

  1. Articles are accepted in MS-Word or PDF formats
  2. Contributors should adhere to the format of the journal.
  3. All correspondence should be directed to the editor at: "Submissions"
  4. There is a $50 USD non refundable submission fee. There is also a non refundable resubmission fee of $30 USD where necessary.  
  5. Publication fee for each accepted article is $60 USD for sole authors, and $40 USD per co-author in the case of multiple contributors. Publication fees are not refundable.

Hardcopy submissions should be directed to: Managing Editor, Global Business, Investments and Publications, P. O. Box 292, Mansfield, CT 06250, USA.


Article Format

  1. Articles must be no longer than 15 pages (all inclusive), double spacing. Manuscripts should contain a 200 word abstract.  The manuscript must be clearly written without any spelling or grammatical errors.  

  2. Manuscripts should be double spaced, Times New Roman font, 12 point with 3.5cm margin on all four sides and use Windows 98, Windows 2000 or Windows XP  

  3. All tables and figures should be incorporated into the body of the pager.

  4. The paper should have two covers. The first cover should contain the title, abstract, full authorship, authors' academic degrees, professional titles, affiliations, postal and e-mail addresses, acknowledgement of research sponsors and assistance. This should then be followed by another cover that only indicates the article title and the abstract (this will be used for anonymous refereeing). This second cover should be followed by the full paper. 

  5. Contributors should adhere to the format of the journal. Click here for a sample format.

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Volume2, Number 2, 2009


Volume3, Number 3, 2010


Volume4, Number 4, 2011


Volume5, Number 5, 2012


Volume6, Number 6, 2016


Volume7, Number 7, 2017



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