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R. Rajendran

Annamalai University, India

B. Natarajan

Annamalai University, India


The Indian life insurance industry has its own origin and history, since its inception. It has passed through many obstacles, hindrances to attain the present status. The income earning capacity of an individual citizen of a nation and the eagerness and awareness of the general public are the two key determinants of the growth of any insurance industry. For that they should provide wider and mass-employment opportunities and sound educational system. More over, the general public must be inculcated with more knowledge, awareness and importance about life insurance, and these steps help to boost the growth of insurance industries. In this Indian context, the insurance habit among the general public during the independence decade was quite rare and in the following decades, it slowly got increased. There was a remarkable improvement in the Indian insurance industry soon after the acceptance and adaptation of Liberalization, Privatization, and Globalization (LPG) in the year 1991. After 1991 the Indian life insurance industry has geared up in all respects, as well as it is being forced to face a lot of healthy competition from many national as well as international private insurance players. The fall in the savings rate and increased competition in the primary market and particularly the aggressive mobilization by the Mutual Fund posed serious challenges before LIC.